SAYAR - Sand


$ 170.00
SAYAR - ASIF  reinvigorates  its  staple  silhouette,  the  Sayar.  After  garnering  praise  from  footwear  aficionados  and   celebrity  taste  makers  alike  for  its  unique  unctuous  aestetic,  The  extra  large  seamless  panels  that  comprise  the  shoe’s  upper  cover  a  comfortable  technical  bootie.  Perhaps  the  most  acknowledged  component  to  this  offering  is  ASIF’s  signature  super  light-weight  cup  bottom  that  is  made  of  a  uni-material  midsole/outsole  with  rubber  pods  for  traction  and  durability.  The  Sayar  is  the  ultimate  expression  of  tactical and  technical.  
SAYAR- ASIF reinvigorates its staple silhouette, the Sayar. After garnering praise from footwear aficionados and celebrity taste makers alike for its unique unctuous aestetic, The extra large seamless panels that comprise the shoe’s upper cover a comfortable technical bootie. Perhaps the most acknowledged component to this offering is ASIF’s signature super light-weight cup bottom that is made of a uni-material midsole/outsole with rubber pods for traction and durability. The Sayar is the ultimate expression of tactical, technical and tacit.